The Simple Idea That Helped Me Escape My 9 to 5

Dickie Bush
June 18, 2024

In this post, I want to share a framework to help you stop spinning in indecision and start taking action.

Here’s the advice I give to any beginner in any area—whether that’s working out, writing, business, dating, anything… to help them get unstuck and start moving toward a goal:

You need to pick SOMETHING.

This simple idea changed my life.

Back in 2020, I chose to start writing online. Then I chose to become a ghostwriter, earning my first $10,000 on the internet. By picking something (and then the next thing), I was able to make progress in a direction, learning the skills I needed to create the life I now have—a life I love and I couldn’t have imagined living 4 years ago.

And you can do the same.

If you waste months (or a year) trying to pick the “perfect” business to start, then I can guarantee you’ll just waste time NOT learning the skills you need to market, build, and sell a service clients want. But if you start a simple ghostwriting business, you have a “vehicle” to learn the basics of these skills, which you can then reapply to any other business in the future.

If you want to read my full ghostwriting story, check out this X post:

Let’s dive into 5 reasons why you should pick something:

1. There will never be a perfect time to start something.

So instead, you should take a step toward something right away.

Otherwise, you are wasting time—time you will never get back. Endlessly weighing up the pros and cons of starting something is never going to cut it. You have to get to action quickly and iterate from there.

This brings us to the next point.

2. The first path you choose is not a “forever commitment.”

Remember, you can always change path.

Like with most decisions in life, changing course is always an option. So don’t delay in making your choice,  thinking you need the “perfect” plan to start. Just start.

And this applies every time you make a choice:

  • When you choose your ghostwriting niche
  • When you choose the ghostwriting service to provide
  • When you choose the type of person to ghostwrite for

Because I promise the second you start working on it, your plan will hit reality and you will have to adjust.

And that’s a good thing! Changing your path means you’re learning and iterating. Building something as exciting as a ghostwriting business is a way of exploring what you’re capable of creating.

By picking something, you’re able to see how it works (rather than just imagining how it works) and start to get feedback on the actions you take.

3. It is useless to consume information about a topic before you’ve even started.

You might feel like you’re “putting in the work” but, in reality, you’re wasting time.


Because you lack the “lens” through which you can apply it. All of this “just-in-case” learning is nothing but procrastination disguised as productivity. Instead, you should be learning things “just-in-time” when it becomes the bottleneck of your project.

So if you’re not getting started with your ghostwriting business because you think you need to read another blog post or listen to another podcast just to figure out your ghostwriting niche (for example), then I guarantee you won’t make that decision after consuming that content. This is just procrastination.

You already know what you have to do, so take the first step.

4. It’s not the actual project or result that matters—it’s the skills you build and the person you become by working on it.

And this will take the pressure off because it takes away any “downside” of picking something.

  • Best case, you land your first ghostwriting client in a matter of weeks.
  • Worst case, you don’t land your first client in a matter of weeks BUT you learn a bunch of skills along the way which you can iterate on over and over until you do land that first client.

This leads perfectly to the last reason:

5. Once you’ve built the skills on one path, you can easily apply them on another path and get up to speed there much faster.

The initial path does not matter. All that matters is you pick a path.


Because sitting around debating dozens of different options guarantees you learn nothing.

If you spend 12 months debating between creating a personal newsletter, writing about finance, or becoming a Premium Ghostwriter, then you will not build a business you love nor will you build the skills you need to make your business a success.

But if you just pick one and try it, you’ll at least be “directionally correct,” and get a little better at those skills, and become a little more knowledgeable as a result. Then, if you end up wanting to switch to something else later, you don’t “lose” those skills or traits. You get to keep them and reapply them to the new thing.

Becoming a Premium Ghostwriter teaches you so many skills you can reapply over and over again:

  • Sales
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Customer Management

And tons of more skills, working with leaders in an industry you love, building your network, and learning in the process.

The “You Have To Pick Something” idea holds for every area I mentioned—business, fitness, writing, dating, meditation, all of it.

So, what will you pick today?

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