How To Create Location And Time Freedom With Ghostwriting

Dickie Bush
June 18, 2024

Most people don’t know this, but I made my first $10,000 on the internet as a ghostwriter.

Let me set the scene.

It was October 2020.

At the time, I was working a full-time job on Wall Street as a hedge fund trader. But deep in my heart, I knew this wasn't the career path I wanted to take forever.

The days started to wear me down:

  • The commuting
  • The bureaucracy
  • The 14-hour days
  • The New York City corporate rat race

I struggled to wake up with any sort of excitement.

Hungry for a change, I decided 9 months earlier to start writing on the internet. I didn't have any real goal or any clue what I was getting myself into, but I figured putting ideas out there would lead to new potential opportunities outside of Wall Street.

So I set myself a challenge: write a thread every day for 30 days—mostly curating the insights I was getting from all the podcast episodes I was devouring at the time.

Looking back, this was sort of like "free Ghostwriting."

I would inhale the rough, spoken ideas people would talk about on podcasts. Then, I would distill my takeaways into actionable X threads.

After my 30th thread, I got a private message from someone asking if I would be willing to do a curation based on their insights. It just so happened I was listening to a podcast with them as a guest that morning.

I was floored. And clearly, I was onto something.

They asked me to collate their content into a rough outline for a book. So I set to work, spending the next 7 days immersing myself in their world view. I did the research, wrote up my findings, and delivered it all in a Notion database with a list of all their content, distilled takeaways, and an outline for a book.

I sent it across and the response I got floored me:

They loved it.

The next thing I knew $5,000 landed in my bank account.

I couldn’t believe someone was paying me for work I would have gladly done for free anyway.

And I had a sudden lightbulb moment. That’s when I realized ghostwriting was the bridge from my soul-sucking corporate job into the world of entrepreneurship—a world where I’d have way more agency of my time and location than I would ever get at my regular W2 job. This was something I had to explore further.

One client turned into two and the rest is history—ghostwriting became the bridge I needed to escape my 9 to 5.

I just spent the last month living and working in Medellin, Colombia.

Fast-forward to today.

Working remotely was something I would never have been able to do at my corporate job on Wall Street. And I’m able to live this lifestyle because of the world ghostwriting unlocked for me.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my day living in Medellin:

  • 6 AM — Wake up naturally to the sounds of birds chirping as the sunrise
  • 6 AM to 8 AM — Watch the sunrise, light cardio, mobility — doing what I need to achieve a calm focused mental state
  • 8 AM — Walk to a coffee shop and complete 4-5 hours of deep focused work
  • Noon to 2 PM — Break my fast with 4 organic local eggs + fresh fruit, finish up any leftover admin work from the morning
  • 2 PM — Training at a gorgeous open-air gym without my phone or any kind of schedule
  • 4 PM — Post-workout meal + open block for calling friends, listening to podcasts, taking a nap, sitting in the sun, planning the next day, just recharging in some way
  • 6 PM — Watch the sunset, turn my phone off for the day, and relax as much as possible
  • 7 PM — Go to dinner with my girlfriend at one of the many world-class restaurants here in Medellin that cost 50% less and taste 50% better than anywhere in the US
  • 9 PM — Sit in the hot tub, watch the city from my terrace, get ready for bed
  • 10 PM — Fall asleep and get ready to do it all over again

Here’s a picture taken from that terrace:

You might be thinking:

“That looks great, Dickie, but why are you telling me this?”

Because this is the kind of location and time freedom you can create for yourself as a Premium Ghostwriter.

We have ghostwriters inside PGA earning anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 per month, whether that’s as a solopreneur or running a small boutique agency.

And because they are no longer tied to their full-time corporate job, they get to do this work from anywhere they want. It doesn’t have to be Columbia. It can be the city next to you or deep inside a National Park. Or you could spend a week or two living closer to family and friends you hardly ever get to see.

I can confidently say I live a life today I could only dream about living 4 years ago.

And none of it would have been possible had I not (accidentally) ventured into the world of Ghostwriting.

Which is why I firmly believe becoming a Premium Ghostwriter is the best career decision anyone interested in writing or entrepreneurship can make.

  • If you're looking to get paid to learn
  • If you're looking for a career with time & location freedom
  • If you're looking for the most "plug and play" solopreneurship opportunity on the internet

Then take the first step with Premium Ghostwriting.

And, just like me, you can use ghostwriting to create a version of your life that is more fulfilling and exciting than being stuck in your corporate job.

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