7 Reasons Why Every Writer Should Be A Ghostwriter

Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole
June 18, 2024

Ghostwriting is one of the most lucrative ways of making a living as a writer.

But it isn’t just about the money (although that sure does help!). There are so many reasons why every writer should become a ghostwriter, ones which can easily be forgotten when you’re trying to make rent or put food on the table. And it’s why we believe so passionately in making every writer aware of this incredible (but often overlooked) opportunity.

Let’s dive in!

Reason 1: You get paid to learn

Ghostwriting is a life hack for getting paid to learn from experts.

  • CEOs
  • Founders
  • Nutritionists
  • Yoga teachers
  • Sales consultants

Anyone with expertise (and wants to share it to earn money or status) needs a ghostwriter.

A quick story: My very first client at my ghostwriting agency was the founder of a company that brokered multimillion-dollar deals between celebrities and big brands. (He once put me and my co-founder on hold halfway through our first content call because “Warren” was on the other line—as in Warren Buffet.) For 30 minutes, I got to ask this guy all the questions I wanted.

This client would usually charge brands over $50,000 for an hour of consulting—but instead, at the end of the call, I sent him the invoice.

Reason 2: You get paid to practice.

Instead of getting yourself into six figures of debt with a college writing program or MFA, ghostwriting allows you to get paid to practice your craft in front of a demanding audience.

The people you write for will have strong opinions about what the writing should be like:

  • Topics to cover
  • The target reader
  • And how they want to sound

This can be intimidating at first, but there is no better way of getting in the reps and accelerating your growth as a writer.

But learning and practice are just the beginning, which brings us to the next reason.

Reason 3: You get paid to build your network.

Ghostwriters are hired by professionally successful people who have a lot of power in their business or the organization they work for.

Because of this, ghostwriting has allowed me to build a multibillion-dollar network. I’m confident that if I needed a job tomorrow, I’d be able to pick up the phone and call all of the people I have written for and get one. That's because I have built up a ton of "relationship equity" with high-level decision-makers at companies.

Imagine building a network like that without having to go to endless networking events—truly priceless.

Reason 4: You get paid to know about trends early.

When you surround yourself with smart and successful people who know about emerging industries, what they know (and who they know) rubs off on you.

In my years as a ghostwriter, I’ve seen first-hand how these “inner circles” operate. It's how angel investors in the startup ecosystems get involved in companies long before the general public finds out about them, and how company executives find out about high-powered positions long before any formal announcement is made. By being their ghostwriter you're also on the inside.

And once you get on the forefront of the trends in your industry, you will always be able to stay one step ahead and adapt to changes quicker than anyone else.

Reasons 5: You get paid to experience different lives.

If the art of ghostwriting is learning to write as if you are someone else, then one of the biggest benefits of ghostwriting is feeling the feeling of living life in someone else’s shoes.

You get to hear the life stories and lessons of people more experienced than you or with a completely different outlook. Think of ghostwriting as an informal mentorship where you get to ask questions and understand the inner thinking of completely different people. I’ve learned so much over the years as a ghostwriter—about creativity, business, life, and so much more.

There's no better way of picking up life-changing mental frameworks or realizations.

Reason 6**. You get paid to learn how to write in different voices.**

When I finished college, all I could think about was how I needed to "find my voice" as a writer.

Ghostwriting changed my outlook on this.

I’ve written for many different types of people:

  • Gynecologists
  • Inspired tech founders
  • Prophetic venture capitalists

And only after writing for them did I realize that voices aren't "found"—you create them.

If you can master this skill for other people, you can master it for yourself too. When there are hundreds of writers trying to find their voice on the internet, you can stand apart by consciously creating to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. Plus you become versatile and can work with more demanding clients (and charge extra in the process!).

It’s a win-win situation.

Reason 7: You get paid to write about subjects you’re passionate about but don’t have the credibility or experience to write for yourself (yet).

If you aren’t comfortable writing about a particular topic under your own name, ghostwriting for someone else is the ideal way to build up your knowledge in that area.

As you write about the topic, you’ll connect more dots across your niche, helping you craft your own opinions for when you finally feel “ready” to talk about these topics under your own name. All of the other reasons we mentioned above coalesce and compound together to turn you into an expert in a particular field. And once you start writing about that expertise (and if you want it), the audience will follow.

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